The simplest Potato Soup recipe that we have ever had, it’s delicious and nice, too. You can cook this on a stovetop burner and not needn’t worry about getting your hands messy. It is creamy and satisfying to create in the same pot, and simple on the stove.

There have been a lot of variations to this simple potato soup through the years, but I really like this version. The combination of all ingredients rich and smooth, savory and fluffy, adaptable to a vegetarian or gluten-free lifestyle. I’m absolutely certain that it would be satisfying.

This is how I have seen the ideal homemade potato soup. It’s rich, smooth, and filling, and it’s jam-packed with nutrients.
During our childhood, we had a lot of soup made of potatoes. That may be related to the fact that my grandparents were potato growers, but it was simply handed on. It was possibly made twice a month by my mother, and it’s the same for me now, particularly during the cold winter months.
You’ll appreciate that it’s something that everybody in the family will agree about and that it also has them happy when it’s revealed that dinner will be served shortly.


Bacon, I used 6 divided slices.

Russet potatoes, you’ll need 4 to 5, peel and dice them!!!

5 large spoons.Of unsalted butter.

6 finely chopped green onions.

2 Cups.Of milk, plus more as needed.

1 Cup.Of chicken broth.

1 Cup.Of grated cheddar cheese.

1/2 Cup.Of sour cream.

1/4 Cup.Of all-purpose flour.

1 garlic clove, I chopped it finely.

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


Chopped green onions.

Chopped cheese.

Crumbled bacon.


Step 1:

Place the bacon on a plate lined with two or three layers of paper towels and spread it out evenly. Microwave for 6 minutes, covered with a paper towel, until warm and crunchy.
Alternatively, you can also do this in a frying pan and then drain the bacon on paper towels.

Step 2:

Then, place the prepared potatoes in a steamer basket over the substrate with two cups of water if using a pressure cooker. Cook for 5 minutes on high pressure, then immediately release and remove the cover.

Step 3:

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. After few seconds of stirring, add the garlic and chopped Green onions.

Step 4:

And now, add in the flour, and beat in for 1 minute. Cook, whisking continuously, for 1 to 2 minutes, until the milk and chicken broth have thickened slightly.

Step 5:

If you haven’t yet used the potato pressure cooker, do it now and get to a simmer. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender.

Step 6:

Toss in the cheese, sour cream, bacon, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 7:

If the soup is too dense, thin it out with more milk as required until the perfect consistency is achieved.

Step 8:

If desired, serve immediately with sliced green onions, grated cheese, and chopped bacon.

Give it a try! It’s one of the best soups on our dinner menu! it’s our favorite, everyone loves it in the house!! And to make it an ultimately hearty meal, I served it with dinner rolls for dipping. Take note that the broth can thicken as it cools, but if you have some leftovers, thin them with a splash of water or milk.

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