Homemade Salmon Patties


  • How To Make It Salmon Patties:

I Poured the salmon into a flat pan and picked out the bones & black skin .

I saved the juice that was in the can with the salmon .

Beat an egg in a bowl & set aside .

Put a big TB of flour & cornmeal into the pan with the salmon, (you can also use cracker crumbs) add about a ts of salt, pepper & onion & garlic powder .Add the egg .

Mix all together well with a fork .Pour some of the juice that was in the can into the Salmon mixture so it will not be too dry .

Make small salmon patties but do not pack together.

Preheat a skillet on Med heat with the bottom barely covered in oil.

Cook about 5 minutes and flip over & cook about 5 minutes and flip back again .

Press patty down and turn over again for a couple of minutes to make sure both sides are golden brown.

There will be very little grease on the Salmon patties but I still drain them well on a paper towel before serving. So good!


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